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The Mobile Muster this year is an unofficial event being held by ‘The Mongrels’ in Wauchope (Port Macquarie) Saturday 5th September. All welcome.
Details here.

In March 2015 the AMLN Executive announced a shift to biennial conferences.
In response to this John Branton and Peter Maher resigned from the executive, pointing out that a stated aim of the mobile library community for AMLN was to enable more opportunities for networking. The full rationale as stated by John Branton in his letter of resignation can be seen here.

This is being published at this time (August) as there has been no news or actions from the AMLN executive since March. The Mobile Library operators of Australia need to know what has been happening. This is not intended to be a slight on the character of the members of the AMLN executive in any way, but a criticism of the adoption of a flawed process.

We are encouraging everyone to register on the Mobile Libraries subscription list which is kindly being managed for us by the PLVN.

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